Code Grey(s) A weekly podcast that dissects the anatomy of Grey’s Anatomy–starting with Season 1, Episode 1. Follow us on twitter @Code_Greys_

Grey's Anatomy stans! Hi! Join us for a packed episode wherein we: continue with the Hogwarts/Seattle Grace parallels (01:10) and discuss the anticlimactic storyline of the guy with the teratoma baby (06:26)...the baffling prioritization of doctors over nurses in network dramas (15:00)...Kimberly Griswold as a metacommentary on Dick Cheney (21:20)...the pros and cons of Karev's peds approach (27:00)...Megan articulates how/why Preston Burke is the worst boyfriend (43:30)...and our BITS (54:15)...including our very first guest interview (1:04:20)!

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