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Grey's Anatomy Watchers! It's time for another episode and this one involves THANKSGIVING so it's extra everything, as holiday episodes usually are. We are also a lot of extra while we discuss:  our not-so-newlyweds Addison and Derek (02:52)...Bailey showing up the patriarchy while still finding time to support Meredith (09:00)...the evolution of Meredith Grey's depression (13:45)...George's unflattering elitism (21:57) Izzy Stevens deserves better friends (29:25)...and our BITS (37:00) including Megan's stump speech for Miranda Bailey's tireless work ethic (40:40) and the curious story of Martin Pistorius, our Medical Fact of the Week (51:15).

We get wayyy into our misandrist feelings while discussing Grey's Anatomy Season 2, Episode 8. But first: our episode summary (01:55) incomplete list of Preston Burke's first date red flags (05:20)...Megan's thing for old people who love each other a lot--excluding the old couple in The Notebook (14:35)...the Chief's overall cluelessness (19:30)...the non-negotiability of bodily autonomy (23:30)...the reason for our future #banmen tattoos (39:40)...and our BITS (43:30) including a very special Karev of the Week (47:45) and what we learned about our bodies for the Medical Fact(s) of the Week (50:30).


Grey's Anatomy stans! Hi! Join us for a packed episode wherein we: continue with the Hogwarts/Seattle Grace parallels (01:10) and discuss the anticlimactic storyline of the guy with the teratoma baby (06:26)...the baffling prioritization of doctors over nurses in network dramas (15:00)...Kimberly Griswold as a metacommentary on Dick Cheney (21:20)...the pros and cons of Karev's peds approach (27:00)...Megan articulates how/why Preston Burke is the worst boyfriend (43:30)...and our BITS (54:15)...including our very first guest interview (1:04:20)!


WE'RE BACK WOW SORRY. After just a bit of a hiatus, we're ready to take the plunge with episode 6 of Season 2. 

If you'd like to skip Season 11 spoilers, you'll want to jump ahead to the 11:00 minute mark. 

Join us as we chat about: Patrick Dempsey's recent People magazine cover and what he's learned from cheating on his wife (2:30)...the ethics of maybe not telling Bonnie the whole truth about her imminent death (16:00)...the Izzie/Addison showdown (28:30)...Yang's bizarre crisis of confidence (32:20) Karev's probably not gonna specialize in trauma (37:30)...and our BITS (42:40) including whether or not to buy banana bags in bulk before that bachelorette weekend (53:55).

Greetings #Greys watchers! We've finally made it to the "Heart in an Elevator" episode--which means George is finally practicing medicine for the first time since the pilot!

In this episode we delve into: Tréza's impromptu meditation on Seattle weather (02:11)...our WILD discomfort with the porn-as-pain-management storyline (08:38)...the upside/downside of the show's Hmong storyline (21:07) George's big moment reminds us a lot of cooking with Blue Apron (33:44)...the making of Ellis Grey, Our Lady of Perpetual Rage (38:53)...and our BITS (46:19) including two stellar song(s) of the week, a deep dive into our Karev of the Week (54:04)...and how we feel about Pick Me | Choose Me | Love Me (1:01:56).
August 25, 2016  

Hey Friends--

Thanks to some audio issues we're moving to our #TGIT publishing schedule a few weeks early! You can expect the same great content you've known and loved to now be posted midnight-thirty on Thursdays.  

This week, we went a little long and, once more, had some audio issues so we'll be posting Episode 13 and a separate episode of BONUS material at the same time.

You're all our person,

--Megan & Tréza

In this episode, we cope with some audio issues in addition to: rodeo vs. rodeNO (01:12)...Tréza's 6-point "Kalpana" Vera explainer (06:52)...Jeremiah Tate and the limits of our sympathy coupled with the tragedy of cystic fibrosis (10:45) really--HOW OLD is Miranda Bailey, MD??? (18:57)...Ellis Grey's continuing reign of terror (16:57)...the debate over Yang's obligation to Burke, re: the pregnancy and also Burke's butt (32:40)...D.A.M. or Derek, Addison, Meredith (42:50)...The Sweet Home Alabama rule of divorce papers in film/tv (45:08)...and our BITS (52:08) including Megan's passionate plea to the costuming department (1:01:14).

Our Medical Fact of the Week will be published as a special BONUS episode and it's a DOOZY so check it out after listening to Episode 13!

Greeting's Grey's fans! In this episode we tackle: the pros and cons (mostly cons) of crying (04:45)...Megan's quite personal crusade against the scourge of blushing (08:01)...Derek and Addison's metaphor baby (15:17)...another intimate look at abuse and traumatic childhoods (18:47)...Chekov's pregnancy and the legacy of aborted abortion storylines (30:20) Izzie perfectly modeled the Jojo Fletcher incarnation of The Bachelorette (40:43)...the burgeoning Alex/Meredith friendship (45:45) and our BITS (50:50) including our Medical Fact(s) of the week which take a closer look at ectopic pregnancies and the phobia that can (sorta) be cured with surgical intervention PLUS our line(s) of the week (1:02:00)!


The second episode of Season 2 brings the weird and we're here to help you through it. In this episode we discuss: 

our thirst for overly dramatic TV shows--including Orphan Black and unReal (03:51)...Megan's offer of legal intervention on behalf of Meredith Grey (08:50)...a supremely affecting domestic violence storyline (14:50) that foregrounds the capabilities of Alex Karev/Justin Chambers (16:55)...the incredibly bizarre saga of one man and his Judy Dolls (26:00) and the surprising intersection between Trump supporters and people who swallow Judy Doll heads (30:05)...our own weirdest, most inexplicable habits (35:40)...the welcome inclusivity of Grey's Anatomy's womanhood (39:00)...and our BITS (48:38) including how Treza really feels about KT Tunstall (48:50) and our disturbing Medical Fact of the Week (55:53). 

After a week off, Code Grey(s) is BACK with a recap of the Grey's Anatomy Season 2 premiere. We're back with a new logo, a new theme song, and the same snarky passion for Seattle Grace. 

In this episode we jump right into: the enigma of Addison Montgomery Shepherd (04:40)...the Preston Burke dating dilemma (12:00)...who really IS having the worst day: Mer or Cristina? (16:40)...Joe the Bartender as the Hogwarts ghost of Seattle Grace (19:25)...chisme and the Chief (29:45)...the confusing legal status of Joe’s “dead” body (35:00) love means having to explain exactly what you're sorry for (49:00)...and our BITS (54:20) which include a more-disappointing-than-usual Karev of the Week (57:25)...and Megan's truly metal Medical Fact of the Week (1:05:45).

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