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It's the penultimate episode of our first season and the first season of Grey's Anatomy! While jogging, washing dishes, taking a transatlantic flight, please join us as we cover: the episode summary, sponsored by the ticking clock sample on GarageBand (1:20)...McDreamy's transformation into McShady (3:25)...the bitchy (but productive!) rapport between Devo (the patient, not the band) and Karev (8:10)...the full spectrum of abortion feelings as experienced by Yang and her patient Zoe (15:30) at Seattle GRACE you gotta have faith, faith, faith (30:48)...and our bits! (41:30) including our songs of the week (has any one heard Band of Horses and 78 SAAB play at the same time??)...our surprising Chief Resident (45:30)...and our unsurprising 007 (47:10).

Thanks as always for listening and we'll see you next week for the Season 1 finale!


Join us as we join some surgical interns in this thing called Life. In this episode, we have strong feelings about: the fragile peace between Miranda Bailey and Meredith Grey (08:00)...toxic masculinity and our own Alex Karev (14:00)...our mutual discomfort with babies in both theory and practice (21:00)...ethical non-conundrums and George O'Malley (23:00)...the satisfaction of confronting privilege (39:15)...and our BITS (44:30) which run the gamut from Megan's Tegan & Sara bias to a DOUBLE-FEATURE Medical Fact(s) of the Week (44:30).

Thanks for listening and be sure to check out next week's episode--the penultimate ep of Season 1!

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