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In sickness and in health, we are committed to bringing you overly enthusiastic commentary on your favorite show from 2005! 

In this episode, you can look forward to: our 30-second episode summary (2:55)...Karev bottoming out as a human (9:00) has this medical program not been sued out of existence? (12:00)...that time George is unable to identify a tumor of record-breaking size (12:50)...the emotional neediness of the men of Grey's Anatomy (18:20)...Bailey on the (completely warranted) warpath (20:32)...Meredith's valiant and futile attempt to defend herself to warpath-ing Bailey (26:20)...Megan's fight or flight response to Miranda Bailey (28:35)...saying goodbye to Annie (35:55)...and our BITS (40:13)--including our HUGE medical fact of the week (46:50).

Join us next Wednesday for another Grey's Anatomy roundtable!

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