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It's the Season 1 Finale of Grey's Anatomy and of Code Grey(s)! This time with 40% fewer ummmmms, we take you through: the episode summary (02:25)...the revelation that George O'Malley has the Syph (03:40) as well as his subsequent overreaction (13:00)...that time Izzie and Cristina agree that being arrested is worth performing an unauthorized autopsy for the sake of SCIENCE (15:50)...Preston Burke and the fragile state of masculinity (21:28)...the symbolic sight of Chief Webber (32:00)...Meredith's ill-fated journey into emotional vulnerability (35:10)...the arrival of one Addison Montgomery Shepherd, MD (39:40)...and our BITS (47:47), which conclude with our thoughts on Jesse Williams' BET speech, Shonda's reaction, and why we stand with Black Lives Matter (51:33).

Please join us in two weeks for our Season 2 premiere!

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