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Happy Holidays from Code Grey(s)!! We're a little late and a little mouthy but we're here for our final(?) episode of 2016. If you wanna jump right to our dismantling of Texas' new fetal remains law, skip to 52:40!

Grey's Anatomy, like your hosts, is in fine form with the Season 2 mid-season finale and we start with: Christmas decoration preferences as a new Myers-Briggs personality test; a brief treatise on the value of tragic Christmas films (07:45); our episode summary (11:50); divergent perspectives on a very difficult patient (15:05); Burke and Yang's futile attempts at compromise; Isobel Stevens, Christmas angel (31:40); and our BITS (43:00) including a dystopic Medical Fact of the Week (52:40) that chronicles the new Texas fetal remains mandate.