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Welcome to another episode of Code Grey(s)! This week we're no less pissed off but we do spend less time cocooned in our anger. Instead, we talk for far too long about: Cherie Jaffe, a character who is not even in this episode nor indeed this show; our episode summary (04:44); You get a quint! You get a quint! Everybody get's a quint! Plus how Addison torpedoes Izzy's future in Peds (08:14); how the second coming of cherie jaffe helps Cristina find a piece of her missing humanity (20:42; HOT TAKES on mint chocolate chip ice cream (23:15); is Izzy's rage-stroke over Meredith warranted? (35:50); and our BITS (41:30) including our disturbing Medical Fact of the Week: the widespread use and consequences of solitary confinement (53:51).

See you next week!


It is indeed much too much right now y'all. Join us for a surprisingly lengthy discussion of Grey's Anatomy Season 2 Episode 10--before we lapse into our feelings re: the US election. (Skip ahead to the 47:58 mark if you're just in it for the politics): we begin with a preview of our election segment because we have a lot of feelings to resolve (3:25) followed by our episode summary (7:55); on boners, erectile dysfunction, and the overall need to de-center the penis (09:00); the lie of shower sex (17:30); the possibility that this ep is an elaborate staging point for a Sex and the City prequel (21:30); shaming Meredith's slut-shamers (31:55); our BITS (42:22) including our Medical Fact of the Week: a post-mortem on the United States of America (47:58).

Thanks for your patience over the last few weeks--we'll see you next week for S2E11.