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WE'RE BACK WOW SORRY. After just a bit of a hiatus, we're ready to take the plunge with episode 6 of Season 2. 

If you'd like to skip Season 11 spoilers, you'll want to jump ahead to the 11:00 minute mark. 

Join us as we chat about: Patrick Dempsey's recent People magazine cover and what he's learned from cheating on his wife (2:30)...the ethics of maybe not telling Bonnie the whole truth about her imminent death (16:00)...the Izzie/Addison showdown (28:30)...Yang's bizarre crisis of confidence (32:20) Karev's probably not gonna specialize in trauma (37:30)...and our BITS (42:40) including whether or not to buy banana bags in bulk before that bachelorette weekend (53:55).

Greetings #Greys watchers! We've finally made it to the "Heart in an Elevator" episode--which means George is finally practicing medicine for the first time since the pilot!

In this episode we delve into: Tréza's impromptu meditation on Seattle weather (02:11)...our WILD discomfort with the porn-as-pain-management storyline (08:38)...the upside/downside of the show's Hmong storyline (21:07) George's big moment reminds us a lot of cooking with Blue Apron (33:44)...the making of Ellis Grey, Our Lady of Perpetual Rage (38:53)...and our BITS (46:19) including two stellar song(s) of the week, a deep dive into our Karev of the Week (54:04)...and how we feel about Pick Me | Choose Me | Love Me (1:01:56).